Friday, October 31

hidup bermasyarakat

I remembered since i was a little girl my mom keep nurturing me about living in a community. Everything must be in accordance. Or else, what might others think.
At first, I was like, who cares what the neighbours think?

Still, when it comes to going to a feast in the neighbourhood, of course I'll go. It's free food, meh. but when it came to the part that will need me to mingle, especially with old people (mom's friends), i got shy. I am always shy~
I spoke when was spoken to. But I did attend the ceremony. Regardless how boring. How I know no one. (This is a requirement when you are the only daughter and you are your mom's sidekick) I did recite the Yassin when needed, helped clean out when asked, stand when there was no seat available for older people.

My mom never let our garbage melimpah until near the road.(melimpah dengan ranting2 pkok bunga atau daun, if you know my house, you know my mom's obsession with gardening) Sweep our part of the road. Cut the grass on our side. All those little things that people like would say, yeah. whatever. My mom made it a priority.

Living in a country will countable Malaysian, and no elder, wiser Malaysian people, hidup bermasyarakat becomes very crucial. Of course, Kiwis never care, you can go to class with no slipper, come to dinner with pink spiky hair or even come naked. Kiwis wont care. We, Malaysian only have each other. We fake smile to cherish this hidup bermasyarakat. After all, our comunity is small. If we fight among one another, there no longer will be 'we'. Just either you or me.

HR lost his dearest sister the other day. I realized that community is very important. We need each other to be strong. For HR, you know Ill be with you.

Thus, attend every event you are invited to and fake smiles when needed. You dont need to like the person. Be there for one another when needed. Help out if you can. Obey the leader when their are right, correct when they are wrong. Our leader represent who we are.


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hijrah said...

boss, ditto to everything that you've written. i just wish that people would realise that.

thanks, boss, for writing this. people should read it, just so they know. =D