Wednesday, October 8


i am so sure that i dun have sensitive teeth. i am so sure that i dun need any kinda special toothpaste like Sensodyne.

it just that i prefer room temperature fruits. I dun like cold ones especially the one that just come out from fridge. I rather not put my fruits in the fridge. I just don't prefer it.

Back at home, I always take out a pear/ an orange from the fridge the nite before if I ever wanna eat it the next day. I'll just put it somewhere on the kitchen cabinet.

Sometimes my dad/mom will take the warm temperature fruit that i put aside. Which of course will drive me frenzy. Since I have to wait some more to make the fruit not-cold.

Weird eh?

Dont get me started with my anti-ness of nasi impit.


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Anonymous said...

cold pear adalah terbaek!!