Friday, October 3

Syawal in Auckland

First Syawal of this year has passed by. It was great and fabulous. Lotsa smiles and happiness. Tiring but worth every second. Colourful and full with delicious food. Nope, I didn't bake any cakes or cookies. I just helped out. Including providing the materials. I can't precisely point at any cookies on the table and said, "That's mine. I made it!" Still, I slept late helping others.

AidilFitri in Auckland is almost the same in Malaysia that I usually have except of the lack of 'duit raya'. Oh yes, no visiting cemetery. I did suggest to my housemates to go visit cemetery since there are many cemeteries around Auckland CBD itself, but they refused. They said those arent Muslim's. It will be too weird if people caught you reciting Yassin there.

Oh, mama sent two baju raya for yours truly. One is orange and the other purple. With the tudung as well. Look gorgeous like always.


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