Tuesday, October 14

Summer School

I've been thinking about doing summer school for a while now. At one point, I even decided not to enroll and just spend my summer hanging around doing absolutely nothing and feeling free of any kind of obligations. Then, I snapped out of it and continue hunting for what course should I enroll in.

So, my version of GREAT COURSE that i should enroll has these characteristics:
  • no EXAM
  • in the morning
  • not everyday
  • EASY PEEZY course
Still, I do have the feeling of pursuing towards something not doing with language / writing / grammar / words / literature and tries something with number / calculation / percentage like Maths maybe or Statistics. I have this huge fear of not able to cope well with these kinda subject. After all, it had been a while. Like '3-4 years' while.

Regardless of the characteristics and fear, I shortlisted these as my choices.

  • Language Teaching 102 (no exam & stage one paper, i loike)
  • ESOL 201 - Writing (no exam, sick of writing thingie)
  • Stats 101 (EXAM - dah ushar papernya - objective)
  • Maths 101 (EXAM - ada essay Q)
  • Philosophy 150 - Critical Thinking (Exam tapi mcm Senang)

So, there are my final candidates, nothing for sure yet.



mardotti zaaba said...

apa jadah philo weh? amik la 102 or 101 tu

hijrah said...

hahahah ape2 la, boss.
hmmm.. philosophy tu macam menarik, tapi kene byk critical thinking la. kalo tak silap alvin amek and he said that it's not as easy as it seems. =D wah2, stat and math. sgt kira2. bagus tuh..

Fatin Nordin said...

asal mcm bosan2 option ko?
vuw bes

Fatin Nordin said...

weh psal psp tuh?
nk suh ak ngn mard biddinh ke?

Fatin Nordin said...

eh asal ko suke trus buat byk entry eh?
gdik plak ak

Anonymous said...

philosophy menarik