Monday, October 13

stuff to let go

I like selling stuff as much as i like buying them. i am thankful for New Zealand's Trade Me website. I think I made some profit through the website. I've sold quite a few stuff there.

Oh, I am thinking of selling my green bicycle. I have no use of it since I quit my job. Or does she fired me? Regardless, I have no use of the bike now that I am not working.

There is also the black MP3 that I never use. I bought them earlier but urm.. let's face it, I never actually use it. I have the tendency to shop like a DATIN!

Another thing in mind to sell is my pink PSP. As much as i love that thing, i can count by the fingers on my hand how many times I actually played it. Damn, I DO like to spend money!



mardotti zaaba said...

spending like a datin is not a problem, the problem is when u do not use the stuffs u buy. i want that pink PSP! how mucho? free kah? kira kawan la beb

Fatin Nordin said...

cheh mard lg cpt dr igt nk bli jgk.cesss mard!haha