Friday, October 3

tag by mard and cik ten


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  • i'm my dad's daughter. kedekut. like my dad. di-trained dgn hebat sekali
  • i like to daydream. about colourful stuff also crappie stuff thati know will never ever ever come true.
  • i always feel 'something' when my buddies, old frens or bff skola2 dulu dah move on and has new bff. Jealous kot. Walaupun tuh sebenarnye natural je, since i moved on too, tapi perasaan tu tetap ada.
  • i dont like crowd, rasa semak. so, i prefer not to go to any concert or stuff like that unless ada sitting arrangement.
  • i tak suka buat benda yang remeh. as in leceh dan renyah. im not a particular person.
  • i remember masa kecik pernah kena marah ngan mama sebab i conteng muka barbie i. mama tanya kenapa conteng, i jawab, "sebab barbie dah hitam. dah tak comel." maka semalaman i had to cuci the barbie back because it was expensive.

Tidak ku perasan ada enam je instead of seven. so here is another one about me

  • i hold on to the 'if i dun like, other people wont like it either' prinsip. macam if let say i dun like people kutuk my cooking, i supposed others wont like it too. so i wont do it.
ok mard? genap la tujuh fakta merepek


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mardotti zaaba said...

i tot it said 7. i counted and u only have 6.kan? ka aku dah xreti kira?