Saturday, November 1

my wish

I wish there will never come to a day when I see my dad cry and crumble in front of me.

He is my hero. He is the man I look up to. He is the man who has all the answers to every questions in the world. He is my savior, my knight in shining armor.

I would never want to see my dad shed tears. For whatever reason. It would be too heartbreaking for me. My hero should always stand tall. Strong and powerful.

I hope he will always be the tough man in the family.
I hope I will never do anything to make him less than he is.



hijrah said...

that's my wish juga..
bila bace entry ni, org trus igt kat ayah org. he's the pillar of strength in our family and if i ever see him cry, i wouldn't have known what to do..

let's just pray together that that day will never come.

Unknown said...

waa. Sedey nye baca. Btw, aku dah add blog ko kat blog aku kayh.

oh ya, ko jarang online ke ?