Friday, January 30


Just this morning, one of my friends asked for my help. She needed to pick up some stuff that she bought on TradeMe. They decided to meet at Hobson St.

At first I was like, meet up at Hobson St, still need me ka? Like so near and you can just t ake free bus? She said she didnt know Hobson St that well and I had lived there before (now, I lived on Queen St) so, I might know the place better. I was like, no biggie. Not that I have anything to do. (Urgh, I do have an assignment due next week) So, we agreed to meet at 12pm at Borders, then, I'll lead the way.

My point here being, if it was me who need to be somewhere to do something, I won't be bugging anyone. Thanks to my mom who always emphasize on being independent woman. Must know how to drive, cook and sew. All the basic stuff.

Me, being boyfriendless this whole summer, went everywhere on my own. Did every chores on my own (read: post office to clinic to groceries to house hunting). Bought everything (read: heavy stuff from New World & huge rack and boxes from Warehouse) on my own. Moved my stuff from Hobson to Queen St, without car, ALMOST on my own. I did have a few of my friends help and I love them very much for it (you know who you are).

I am in the state of being happy on my own that I feel odd hanging out with friends or shopping toghether. Just feel awkward. You know the state of, 'maybe she need to go there.', 'I need to be quick so they dont need to wait' or 'do we eat here or does he wanna eat there'.

Yesterday, before I went to help Acap and Korn moved out from Mt Terrace, I was happily shopping for stuff at Newmarket. Alone with my Samsung S5. Eventhough I failed to locate Foodtown, I still managed to spent a lot of money at Farmers. I couldn't imagine my expenditure if I actually locate Foodtown.

p/s: I did have fun hanging out with Bell even for a while and the stuff that she bought was real bargain.

p/p/s: maybe i dun need bf at all eh?


Fatin Nordin said...

yea ryteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Loving Life said...

haha. i think i know how that feels. that awkwardness. but credits to you for being a woman on her own. i was luckier coz i had Korn around. (or maybe not, maybe better if he wasn't? haha.)

sket lagi zt, he'll be back soon. =)