Tuesday, January 6

they call me hell they call me stacey they call me her they call me jane that's not my name

okay, let's face it I'm not a big fan of new year's resolution. Although I had a few for last year, I only remembered them because I wrote them in my planner. I had only accomplished one mission, which was to learn one type of dance (which I already forgotten the steps). Others like sembahyang lengkap lima waktu, participate in drama and never ever cutting my hair weren't exactly established. So, I don't feel that I need a new one. Why do I need a new one? I'll stick with the old one for now. Maybe I should add a few more. I should think about that.

Nah, too lazy. Stick to the last year is my resolution and do it better.

Last year's wishlist that I did not achieved was
  • watching a circus - I always wanted to see it
  • going to a fun fair with ferris wheel and cute games with a guy would win me a huge teddy
  • Australia trip - Miss my gurl frens or some of the guys too
  • Nintendo Wii - I just thought that's the gadget for me
Well, as for the new year's celebration, me and the girls baked cupcakes and cooked lotsa food (which I forgot) and played monopoly (that has the eftpos machine). We waited for the countdown and fireworks in our apartment. That's the benefit when you have Sky Tower and Harbour Bridge as your view. If I may say so - the fireworks was nothing compared to Malaysian fireworks.

I think it's not too late to wish ...
~ Happy New Year!!~

I don't like going out for that kind of event. Plus, I know for sure that it will feel too crowded.


Unknown said...

happy new year larling. ha ha. belated 6 hari.

mardotti zaaba said...

uh uh i like the 2nd last item in ur list

alfina said...

Helmi : I know I lambat.
Mard: I know u do. cant wait to see u and everyone else. Pleas pleas got a job.