Tuesday, January 13

Breakfast itu mustahak.

Waking up this morning, I felt like I want to eat those expensive pastries that coffee shops always sell. Oh, there might not be that expensive to you but yours truly think they are rather exquisite. Oh, I decided to make my own exquisite expensive extraordinaire pastries.

Oh, Pikah bought the thingie to make her blueberry pie. So, I'll just use what's left of them.

After 45 minutes or so, I got my dream breakfast. Only I'm not so hungry anymore (I also made fried rice from yesterday's leftovers) and it's no longer breakfast time (when you wake up so late). Oh so superbedelicious.

Oh, I want to tayang my own exquisite expensive extraordinaire pastries.

amacam terliur tak?


Hisyam said...

Wow boleh bukak bakery ni...
Ganti La Boheme.
Maybe name yours Laaa Sedapnya

hijrah said...

boss. mengapakah buat pastries mase org takde. T___T

Fatin Nordin said...

aih nk buat mcm gmba2 kt mat gebu keeee? haha

alfina said...

Hisyam: Laa Sedapnya, uh menarik. Mard kata dia nak join venture. Ten, meh join jugak. Ko kan tok guru aku.

hijrah: sebab aku tamak. pikah n min pun takde kat umah.

ten: eh. idola aku tu si mat gebu. terima kasih kerana memperkenalkan beliau.

Loving Life said...

wah! sedap btul nampak. lagi hebat dr starbucks.