Tuesday, January 20

to my mama with love

There are some stories of my life that I don't share with my mom.

Did I lie? Nope. I did not.

I just secure some part of the stories so she would not be worried. So she dont have to live her life with worries over her daughter. I know a mom never stop worrying but I never wish for her to be worried about me.

The only two things I want her to feel is proud and love.

Proud of me. Of my achievements. Of my niceness. Of my nonsense. That's all. I just want her to be proud. For her to be able to brag about me to her friends. Proud, that is how I want her to feel.

Love. Unconditional mother daughter love. Always and forever.

So, mom, next time I don't share stuff with you, know this. I love you always and I want you to always be proud of me. Of whoever I become.

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Hisyam said...

She certainly is. Certainly.