Wednesday, January 28

Impulse buying

class was finish for the day. so lazy to go home to emptiness. went to UBS book store at Uni. Bought two books. Why? No reason. The book 'Lolita' is just to cute to resist. The title I mean. Oh, the cover too. The other book was just Shakespeare book. Always wanted to read more of his books.

Moving on to Library, where I am now. Wiki the 'Twelfth Night' synopsis. Seemed cute enough. I've no idea when to read them. Got another assignment to submit next week.

Too cute to resist. Cute enough to fill my shelf.

Later, going to Ten's. To taste the brownie Acap made for her. Maybe force her to cook lunch for me.


Hisyam said...

Wow UBS has changed its name? A lot have happened in Auckland when I'm not around. Hehehe.

Anyway, good news that you're returning to books again. Go read!

mardotti zaaba said...

zeti i'm not not-online. i'm online but on odd hours. uh pbezaan dan jarak benua kita sgguh mbunuh

alfina said...

mard kalo ko rasa pbezaan dan jarak benua kita sgguh mbunuh.. double kan perasaan itu bila bersama orang tersayang.
mungkin tak paham

farah, s. said...

i thought u were still at hobson st