Friday, January 16

music brings us together

Last nite, was chatting wif Afiq and Pikah. We were randomly selecting topics and jumping from issues to another. One of questions I asked Afiq was about this particular friends of ours and what he thought about them and their new blossoming relationship.

Being a guy and all, I wanted to know his perspectives on stuff like that. He was simply being a guy and forcing to drop the topic but I insisted and his answer was, "oh, diorang minat genre muzik yang sama." That is an interesting but debatable view.

I was like, look at me and HR. We don't have the liking to same genre of music at all. Oh, I dont thing I have my own genre that I particualrly like. I just love some and loathe the other. But, anything for sure, HR's genre of music aren't my genre. But, I do force him to pollute his ears listening to my likings which he pretends to like too being an obedient one. Yes, he also forced me to listen to his. Eh, I even went to one of his favourite bands' concert and stick by it. The whole night. Even when my ears just couldn't take the noise, urm I mean the music.

I do love the music he created for me though. I think I just found my genre. Ah, his music.

my genre

***** updated *****

Im not saying that couple with same taste of music are not meant to be together. How would I know? Anyway, I wish the best for my friend and her blossoming relationship.


Fatin Nordin said...

awww sweeetnyerrrrr merekaaaaa.hehe

Anonymous said...

wehooo. mleleh air hidung aku bca. shuwiiittttt zeti aku adh smpi umah hehehe

lovemenot said...

wahhh...x tahan aku.tahap gwang ank makin meningkat!!!