Tuesday, January 13

Bavarian Creme di Dunkin Donut sudah berubah wajah

Yesterday, went to Ten's place with half dozen of donuts and a bunch of problems to dump to her. Oh, she is my dumping friend alright. She decided to bake bluerberry cheesecake and I accompanied her to the nearest store to get whatever else that she needed.

She bought cheese cream. I asked her if she needed sour cream because Syefah's taught me to use them. She said she already got yogurt that have the same effect as sour cream. I give her this doubtful look. So, she bought the sour cream. Oh yes my look have that scary effect.

So we chatted and baked. It was becoming rather late when the cake will finally baked. I waited still. The cake turned out to be superbedelicious and the wait was worthwhile. (Oh, only she has the picture of the cake).

Before I went to sleep, Ten's smsed me.

Zt, wanna know what I found out on d yogurt packet which I said I wanted 2 use 4 d cheesecake, instead of buying d sour cream. "an alternative to sour cream". hahaha. gudnyte!

Oh! It made me smile.


Hisyam said...

As long as Boston Creme remains unchanged...

hijrah said...

...apekah yg terjadi pada bavarian creme itu?? *risau*

Fatin Nordin said...

meh sni aku jwbkn hijrah, instead of the icing sugar coat outside of d donut, they know put choc spread on it.nnt zt amek gmba kasi tnjuk dlm ini blog ok.

alfina said...

ten, thus dat mean i have to buy u more donuts?