Sunday, January 25

state of mind

For some people, being able to blend in the crowd is a must-thing when entering a new environment. I guess that is the same for me. Being accepted - is want I always wanted. I dont like to stand out in crowds. So i become typical.

That's does not mean I am normal.

I mean normal and typical is not the same.

In one society, it might be typical to see black hair, black eyes or brown skin like being Malaysian in Malaysia. That is normal and typical. Once, you are being Malaysian in New Zealand, you are no longer typical yet you are still normal.

Who can ever define normal?

Even you are normal in one place, it is not likely you are normal everywhere.

It is how your mind works.


Unknown said...

"Even you are normal in one place, it is not likely you are normal everywhere."

that paragraph suggests that walaupun kita normal in one place, sangat kecil kemungkinannya untuk menjadi normal di tempat lain.

is this what you're trying to say babe? Ke aku salah tafsir.

Hisyam said...

Tak normal pun interesting juge. Kalau x interesting in a way it draws people to know you pun, it makes things challenging. So interesting either way.

Lilyana said...

yup..normal and typical is not the same..agree with u.. =)

Anonymous said...

Well NORMAL is somewhat relative, much surprise to those who thought being normal is the key of blending in the masses.
It's overrated anyway.