Wednesday, January 7

I can't take it any longer Thought that we were stronger All we do is linger Slipping through our fingers

I bitch and moan about every single thing that I feel like needing them. Highlighting the main trait that I hate about me is that I am egoistic. Oh, I also have short attention span. Above all, I am a good friend. I think!

Me : If every single night your sleeping in tears, don’t you ought to do something about it?

She: Something? Are you suggesting that we shouldn’t be together?

Me : I’m not suggesting that. Maybe you should talk to him.

She : I’ve told him. I even begged him to come back.

Me : So, what did he said?

She : He asked me to be patient. He strongly feels the way I feel. (Sigh) But I have to be more patient.

Me : Then? Can’t you be more patient?

She : Any more patience I’ll be hospitalized. F**k!! Don’t he understand, I want him like crazy.

Me : What else should he says? What’s wrong with being patient?

She : It somehow made me feel that I want him badly.

Me : (totally clueless with eyes rolling)

She : He’s supposed to want me more than I want him.

*this conversation was, of course, edited and was not entirely in English.*



Unknown said...

tsk, girl and their problem. (kidding, nk buat dzeti sakit hati).
Probably, your friend should talk to a guy about this, and get some manly insights. Sebab us guys, think about love and relationship a bit differently. Okay, quite differently.

alfina said...

uh. anda cekap membuat jiwa terguris. yeah, u r rite though. men do have diff views. damn~ y do i need to love men?